Be ready to jet set and go, in time for your next holiday or work trip away

Say HELLO to stress-free holidays, we have got you covered. From car to single item storage, you will never need to worry about the safety and security of your belongings ever again! 

Holiday Storage Solutions

Working FIFO and need secure car storage? Or maybe you’re heading away at Christmas and you don’t want to leave your car exposed to the weather, or as an easy target for burglary.  We can offer self storage unit parking, safely locked away and protected in its own storage shed, inside a warehouse.

Worried about leaving your valuable possessions in your home while you’re away, then why not consider a storage unit for peace of mind.  We can look after your single item storage possessions, such as a surfboard, golf clubs, kayak, tools or the kids push bikes, the list is endless. No need to worry about someone breaking into your garage and coming home to find everything gone.  Call me to discuss your possible storage solutions.

Our storage units are inside a warehouse with 24hour CCTV surveillance, the cameras are at the entrance gate around the outside of the warehouse and also inside towards the roller doors  The facility is fully fenced with only one entrance, all controlled with a keypad for access, both through the main gate and into the warehouse.  Giving you secure self storage, so why be stressed leaving your valuables in your home while you holiday elsewhere, bring them to us.  Expensive TV’s, computers, game consoles, wouldn’t you rather know that they’re locked away in a secure facility.

Maybe you have house sitters coming to stay to look after your house or pets while you’re away and you need to clear out a room for them?   You also don’t want to leave any irreplaceable items in your house, with strangers living there. We have units of all sizes to accommodate any scenario.

Small Item storage

We also have a great offer that you don’t have to rent a whole storage unit, we call it small item storage. Useful if you need to clear out a wardrobe for guests over Christmas, or store some of the kids toys or school work to give you extra space during the festive season. This option also works for everyday single storage items that you just don’t have the space for at home, wind surfers, body boards etc.

We have had tourists using the single and small item storage for excess luggage that they didn’t want to carry around Western Australia, while they went touring. This saved them on room in the coach trips and lugging heavy baggage onto to trains and into hotels, when they knew they wouldn’t require all their clothing for the short trips.

Insurance? It’s a no brainer with us!

All our storage units have $5000 insurance cover included in the price and for only $1 per month more, per $1000 cover, you can cover your goods up to any amount, while you lock them away safe and sound.

So… what are you waiting for? Let us help you get ready for your next trip away.