How a storage unit can help support your milestones in life

So how can a storage unit help me through the milestones in my life you might ask? Well, throughout life we seem to accumulate a huge number of just…stuff. From baby pictures and family heirlooms to barstools and vintage clothing, you name it. No one wants to be a hoarder but still, we don’t want to throw things away.

Once in a while, events in life can force us to move or even re­­–evaluate our present living situation. This can be because of a divorce, you’ve decided to move to a new city or you’ve made the abrupt decision to take a gap year and travel the world. Just because the unexpected happens, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of dear possessions. Read on, if you would like to learn how a storage unit can simplify and declutter your life, aiding you during life’s transitional and sometimes stressful periods.


Finally, the happy couple is tying the knot, however, combining two lives into one can be challenging at the best of times. All of a sudden you have two sets of sofas along with two sets of dining tables (not to mention all the chairs). The need to declutter, sell and get rid of duplicates or (even store wedding gifts) is pressing and to buy yourself that extra little bit of time is a valuable luxury. Have you thought about a short term storage unit? With no lock in contracts, you can store those duplicate couches and free up space. No one likes to be tripping over things, let us help you stop that first furniture fight about who has more “stuff” laying around your new home. A storage unit can help you in your process of creating a new home ­­–stress and hassle free.

Starting a family

When an additional family member is on its way, there is often a need for more space. Are you planning on turning your home office into a nursery? If you’re already short on space, a storage unit could be exactly what you need! You can store large items such as bookcases, tables or old textbooks. When you are expecting a child you will need to free up a lot of extra space and a storage unit will help you do exactly that, helping you declutter and get organised. A storage unit can be your personal storage saviour. It’s also a good place to keep your child’s hand-me-downs (like that 800 dollar pram or all those grown out baby clothes).


Problems many people have who are living in urban areas is the lack of space. You might have valuables that you can’t get rid of because of sentimental value, like your grandmothers vintage magazines or that old Cuckoo Clock. However, there is no way you can fit them in your new 31 square feet apartment! Maybe you haven’t decided or don’t know what fits in your new home? Space is a commodity and if you find yourself in a situation where you need to downsize, storing your beloved goods is a good alternative. Consider renting a storage unit before you move to a smaller space.


Divorce is one of the most stressful and testing events in life and affects the whole family. If either you or your spouse needs to leave your primary home to stay with family, friends or in a rented apartment, space will more than likely be limited. Get peace of mind by storing your possessions in a safe and secure place that you can easily access whenever you need to.

Kids moving out

The children are flying the nest and you’re thinking of using the extra space for your new music room? Or, perhaps, you could use it as a working area for those days when you are working from home? Declutter your home and make space for yourself and your needs! In a storage unit, your or your children can easily store your possessions and collect them on your own terms.

Kids starting or returning home from university

When your children start or return home from university, it can prove to be a point in time where a storage unit will come in handy. You could be a university student returning home with a newly accumulated amount of possessions that won’t be able to fit into your childhood home. Consider storing some of your belongings to avoid cluttering your parents’ home. At the same time, when kids leave home for university, a storage unit is a good place to store the belongings.

It is time to explore the world

You have probably read the stories about the brave few that abandon their job and sell their apartment to go and travel the world. And hopefully, you are one of them! If you intend on coming back, it is a good idea to organise and pack your things into boxes and pack them away to the storage unit for safekeeping.

A storage unit can’t help you with everything life throws at you but it can at least help you keep your belongings in a safe and secure spot. Remember, a home is where the heart is (if you can remember which box you packed it in).

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