How can a self-storage unit be useful while renovating?

You may or may not be aware of the hassles of renovating your home in Perth. Whether it’s your entire house or apartment you are planning to update or only a section, a renovation has a tendency to flip your life upside down. However, there are things that can make you experience more of an upside and less of the downside. Keep on reading to learn about how a storage unit can help you in your next renovation project.

How can a self-storage unit be useful during this time?

One of the most urgent things to consider when you are planning to renovate your home is where are you going to put all your stuff? Pile it all against the walls in the living room? Stuff your garage full of boxes, making it a mission to get into the car? Or you might consider storing your things with friends or family? Depending on how much stuff you need to store and for how long, all of the options above might be far from the best solution. Have you considered a storage unit? You’re not cluttering your home, nor do you have to worry about imposing on friends or family. With a rented storage unit, you can easily access your things at the time that suits you and if (forbidden thought) the renovation projects take longer than you first thought, you can easily rent the storage for an extra day, week or even a month extra! With our storage units you can rent for as short or as long you’d like.

Although moving out of your house during the renovation can be a tempting idea initially, after thinking it through a second time it might not be the best solution. Renovating a house is already a costly affair, adding an extra cost in the form of a rented house or apartment can be a huge burden financially. Also, don’t forget the extra time and money it will take to find a new property, move in and set it up! And we haven’t even talked about the pain of going through rental inspections. Staying put will keep more money in your wallet and save your precious hours.

Additionally, living at home allows you to take a more hands-on approach and allows you to see the day-to-day progress of your renovation!  You can see the stages of your new oak floor being laid down or how the custom kitchen bar is being built, making the entire experience more exciting. What’s more is, when problems arise (which they probably will) you can solve them faster, avoiding unnecessary delays.

One of the benefits with a storage unit is that you can sleep well at night knowing your things are safe and secure. With different tradesmen coming to your house, working on your renovation as fast as they can in order to complete the project in time, damage to furniture or other belongings is a risk. By keeping your belongings in a storage unit, you can be sure there’ll be no chipped corners, broken glass, paint stains or scratches on your belongings.

The do’s and don’ts of self-storage

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are finally making the move to pack your things away in a storage unit.  We’ve put together a few points to help you out.

Make an inventory

To make an inventory of what you are planning to store might seem a bit excessive, however, a clear and concise list of what you want to store will be handy for two reasons

  • A list will help you decide how big a storage unit you need.
  • Three months down the line when you are wondering where your fur coat is, you will thank you past self for taking the time to make an inventory list.

Label your boxes

You would think it goes without saying but you would be surprised to realise that an astonishing number of storage unit users, don’t label their boxes (causing an unnecessary intake of headache pills I’m sure). Do yourself a favour and label correctly.

Protect your items

Take your time to properly pack and wrap your items. Cover your pieces of furniture with blankets or moving pads to protect them from dust, mould or mildew. Small items should be stored in boxes and fragile items are best protected wrapped in packing paper. Unsure where to find everything you need to pack your items so they are secure? Let us help! We have all the packaging materials you need to keep your loved belongings safe and sound, in addition to a range of packing boxes that come in different sizes to fit your requirements.

A strategic thinking hat

Don’t just stuff the storage unit full with boxes, put your thinking cap on! By being strategic and organising your boxes you can easily figure out where certain boxes are and access your items. Follow these rules:

  • Items you are likely to use should be stored toward the front of the unit while items you’re certain you can be without for the next few months, stay in the back of the unit.
  • Keep heavier boxes at the bottom when you are stacking boxes on top of each other.
  • If possible, leave a pathway from the front of the unit to the back, making sure all boxes will be accessible at all times.
  • Last but not least, grab your favourite coloured pencil, a piece of paper and make a map of your unit. This way you will know where any box is at any time.

There is an abundance of things you have to consider when you are renovating or planning to renovate your home, don’t let storage be one of them. Come see us at Ezi Storage Osborne Park and we can provide an affordable and safe storage option, one of the best storage solutions available in Perth,