How self-storage can assist when your house is on the market

You are putting your house up for sale and the thought of all the things you have to do prior to letting prospective buyers into your home is quite overwhelming. You have to clean, de-clutter the garage and all the storage cupboards and figure out what to bring to your new home. And where are you going to store everything? Our answer: a storage unit.

A house with a minimal amount of furniture and clutter is likelier to sell faster. But where are you going to put everything? In a storage unit of course! So first things first, begin researching a storage facility.

There are a few factors to consider when you are choosing a storage provider such as easy access to the facility and your storage, security around the facility and preferably no lock-in contracts. When you have found the perfect storage provider, you will realise how a storage unit can help you in more than one way when you are selling your home.

De-clutter your home and book a furniture storage unit

Even though you don’t consider yourself a hoarder, you have probably worked up a good amount of accumulated stuff over the years. When you are in the process of putting your house on the real estate market, one of the first steps you have to go through is to de-clutter your house. Go through all of the rooms in your house. Then, separate the things that you want to save from the things that you can sell, donate or throw away. The things you want to save, put it up in boxes and begin making use of your storage unit. We can help you with all the packing materials you need to safely store your belongings.

We suggest you store as much furniture as possible. A cluttered room can make a room feel cramped, shifting focus away from the potential of the room, you want the potential buyers to be able to envision themselves and their families. But, make sure to leave a few key pieces behind, you still want your house to feel like a home rather than an empty house.

Along with de-cluttering your house, make sure you have gone through your closet and storage cabinets as well. Potential homebuyers will want to take a quick look,  either out of curiosity or out of a need to see the storage possibilities. A messy storage cabinet can put anyone off. So, hang your clothes neatly on coat hangers and put your shoes in tidy rows. A well-organised closet and storage cabinet sends good messages to buyers that you take equally good care of your house.

Depersonalise your home

A potential buyer doesn’t want to see your family pictures or your holiday postcards. The point of inviting potential homebuyers to your home is for them to see whether they can imagine themselves living there. Do your best to get rid of personal items such as family photographs and other items. Your goal is to keep your home as neutral as possible. So wrap your family photographs in bubble wrap and put them safely away in your storage unit.

Redecorate your house

Although you have gone through all your rooms, de-cluttered and stored away your personal items, there is still work to be done. If you want your house to make a good impression and sell fast, redecorating is by far one of the most beneficial things you can do. Give the bedroom an update in the form of new paint, update the tiles in the bathroom or refurbish the living room. Regardless of how unnecessary these changes seem to be for a house that you are about to sell, they can potentially make your house sell faster. With all these extra items such as paint and extra furniture, you will be happy that you have a storage unit to tuck these items away in.


Have you been putting off the repairs and maintenance jobs around the house? If there is any time to do them, the time is now. If you are selling your house in a time where the market is more favourable towards the buyer, getting up to speed with repairs and maintenance jobs are especially important. Just imagine yourself in the buyers’ shoes, what things would you pick up on during a house viewing?

Repair the cracked tile in the kitchen, the leaking shower-head or the broken seals around your windows. They might seem like small details but they do all contribute to the impression of the house. The last thing a new owner wants to do after they moved in, is fixing your old problem. When all the repairs are done, store all your tools in your storage unit.

To conclude, selling your house is stressful but by renting a storage unit you can make it a little bit easier for yourself. Store away your furniture, family heirlooms or anything else that can’t stay in the house while you are having viewings. Easy, safe and flexible, a storage unit can be just the thing you are looking for while your house is on the market.