How to have a smooth storage transition from your home to your new storage unit

Moving house to a storage facility is quite the chore!  When moving into one of our storage units, follow these simple tips to ensure a smooth storage transition.

Furniture storage is best if protected with our easy to use lounge and arm chair covers.  We also have dining chair covers and all sizes of mattress protecting covers. These help in keeping off any dust that may accumulate if you are leaving your goods for a length of time.  Another useful packing material is the vacuum bags, you can fit a great deal of bedding or clothes in them and then vacuum out the excess air to end with a very flat bag ready for storage.  Your crockery is best wrapped in butcher paper and we have wonderfully useful kitchen boxes with dividers for your mugs and glasses.

For storage in Perth, we offer all sizes of storage units to keep either your whole household goods or only part of your furniture and possessions.  If you are going to store your complete home, it is best to use a removalist if possible, as they are practiced in loading a truck and therefore loading into a storage unit.  If you do wish to move your own goods, it is best to put the large items at the back of the unit and stack as high as you can with lighter objects, such as washing baskets and light weight boxes. If you misjudge how much storage you require, please just call us and we can find you a larger one on the spot, as close to the one you have booked as possible.

An important thing to remember when you are packing your storage units, is to think if you need to get access to any of the goods.  If you might need some clothes when the season changes, or to get out the BBQ, remember to leave these at the front of the unit, so you can easily put your hands on them. Do not store food stuffs and make sure to empty the gas bottle if you have one.

Our storage units in Perth suburb, Osborne Park are open from 6am to 7pm, 7 days, so great accessibility for businesses that don’t need an office or just for storing extra stock, or display stands.   A good idea is to leave the middle of the storage unit free to stand in, so you can access all the boxes more easily. Another useful hint is to put up some shelving to make it easier to see what you have.

So there you have it, Furniture storage sorted! All you need is some packing materials to protect your goods and move in.