Marie Kondo Storage Tips for Perth Homeowners

If you’ve heard about the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo then you probably know two simple facts – cluttering is out and minimalism is in. But what’s not so simple is the actual process of transforming your home from muddled mayhem into a perfectly organised oasis. From nifty ways to store your belongings to making the most of a self-storage unit, here’s our top tips on how to bring Japanese thinking into your Perth household with the KonMari organisational method.

Does de-cluttering and storing Spark Joy?

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Marie Kondo believes the best way to decide what to keep in your home is to hold each object and decide whether it brings you a sense of happiness. If said object does not spark joy – out it goes. It’s that straightforward.

decluttering for storage

Before you begin to implement any storage solutions in your home, you need to go through your possessions and decide what to keep, donate, throw away and so on. By asking yourself this one question for each item, you’ll be able to simplify the process of sorting through your belongings, speeding up your organisational journey.

Sort By Category, Not By Room

Instead of going room by room to see if random objects spark joy, KonMari teaches us to methodically sort our homes according to categories. For instance, your average Perth home might have various family mementos and photographs scattered through various rooms, or perhaps a range of different towels stored in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry cupboards. Using the latter example, it makes much more sense to tackle all your household towels in one sitting, rather than sorting towels at three different intervals as you move your efforts from room to room.

Sort First, Move Second

When we start to run out of space at home, often our first instinct is to rent and move all our excess stuff into a storage unit. While self-storage is an excellent way to manage seasonal and bulky items, there’s no point in simply moving the clutter from your home to your storage unit as you’re not solving your real problem.

Rather than turning your storage unit into a dumping ground, sort your home thoroughly first, then decide how you could make the most of your self-storage. As Perth is a city known for its stunning beaches, you could easily have all sorts of water sports equipment perfect for single item storage, in your home, including surf boards, kayaks, fishing gear and – if you’re lucky enough – perhaps even a jet ski. These items would be perfect or your self-storage unit and would free up much needed space at home.

The Art of Vertical Storage

Once you know what’s staying, what’s going into storage and what’s headed for the bin, it’s time to start organising all the items that you’ve decided to keep. Marie Kondo is a big believer in vertical storage. Like the name suggests, it involves folding and storing items vertically, particularly in drawers. That way when you open the drawer, everything inside will be upright and easy to access, rather than being piled on top of each other. The same theory can apply to boxes when packing belongings into your storage unit. Vertical storage also allows you to make the most of the space available to you.

Keep Everything In Sight

When you think you’ve organised all your belongings, take a step back. Can you still see everything? If the answer is no, then you’re not done yet! The best way to declutter and stay decluttered is to ensure you can see exactly what you have at all times. If you can’t physically arrange your items in a way that allows you to see everything at once, find storage accessories that can assist you. Clear boxes and wire containers will help in every setting from your wardrobe to your self-storage unit.

Everything Must Have a Home

Last, but not least, make sure everything – and we mean everything – has a designated space, preferably with a specific label, cubby or box to mark the space for that item. You can utilise our tips on how to pack and maximise your storage unit space.  Not only will this keep everything in order in areas where you use items day to day, it will also help you keep your storage unit and lesser used cupboards organised. Just imagine walking into your self-storage unit after several months and finding everything in its place with a label, making it incredibly easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

If you need a storage unit in Perth to support your Marie Kondo efforts, contact the team at Ezi Storage today.