Packing Hacks for House Moves

While moving to a new house is considered to be one of life’s most stressful events, it doesn’t have to become a huge ordeal. By thinking ahead and staying organised, you can make a smooth and simple transition from the old house to the new one. Here’s our top 5 packing hacks for making your house move a breeze!

Use a Moving Box System

The first week in your new home is always the most challenging. Everything is still in boxes. You can’t find what you need. All you want is to continue on with your life as normal, but it’s near impossible to do so until everything in your house is sorted out.

The solution? Put a system in place to organise your moving boxes. With a clever system in place, you’ll know where everything is stored, making it much easier to get your home in order once you’ve moved.

The first step is to colour code your boxes. Designate a colour to each room, for example, blue for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, red for the master bedroom and so on. All you need is some coloured paper and a tape dispenser and voila, in one quick glance you’ll be able to tell exactly where a storage box belongs.

Take your colour coding a step further by making sure your removalist knows your system. If your removalist can make sure all the blue boxes end up in the bathroom and all the green boxes are put in the kitchen, it will make your life so much easier.

Next, take your organising skills to the next level and label the contents of each moving box with a marker pen. It doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list, just an indication of what to expect when you open that box later on. For instance, if it’s a kitchen box, note down whether it contains cutlery and utensils or pots and pans.

For those who want to up their organisational game even further, give each packing box a rating. Some moving boxes will need to be unloaded right away, while others will hold items that you don’t use as often. By rating your boxes, you’ll know where to start unpacking.

Get The Right Storage Boxes For The Job

It might seem like a good idea to get a bunch of tea chest cartons for your house move, but it’s not always practical to fill a box with certain items. Books, linen and soft children’s toys may fit perfectly into a single carton, but it’s not ideal to pile glasses, plates, bowls and other fragile items into one big box.

Thankfully, storage boxes have come a long way in recent times. You can now get boxes that are purpose built to store belongings that are notoriously difficult to pack.

For breakables, you can get cartons with inserts that will stop the items from moving around within the box. You can also pad the inserts with packing bubble wrap for extra protection.

When it comes to clothes that hang in your wardrobe, you can use a port-a-robe storage box. Like the name suggests, a port-a-robe is a tall box with a rod inserted to create a makeshift wardrobe that’s designed for transporting your clothing.

If you’re a wine connoisseur, have no fear! There’s even packing boxes with wine inserts that perfectly fit the shape and size of wine bottles to prevent the bottles from crashing into one another inside the storage box.

Make Tape Your Best Friend

Before you start preparing for your move, get yourself a proper packing tape dispenser. It will make packing far more efficient, avoiding the need to use scissors every time you need a piece of tape, and making it harder to lose the end of the tape roll.

While a tape dispenser will certainly be useful when taping up the top and bottom of your moving boxes, it can also be used for many other packing hacks.

There’s nothing worse than having to untangle a bunch of electrical cables and figure out which one applies to which appliance. When unplugging your electronics with removable cables, simply fold up the cable and tape it to the appliance it belongs to, ensuring you can quickly and easily set up your device in the new house.

From shampoo and conditioner to moisturisers and sunscreen, every home has a wide range of liquids that will need to be transported. If one of these bottles leaks during the move, the liquid could damage your other belongings. By simply taping up each lid, you’ll be able to avoid potential spills and wastage.

Sometimes you’ll have to take certain pieces of furniture apart when moving to a new house. The last thing you want is to lose the small bolts and screws that keep your furniture together, or to lose track of which fasteners belong to which piece of furniture. To avoid these problems, pop the fittings into a zip lock bag and tape it to the respective table, chair or cabinet etc.

Take Advantage Of Protective Packing Materials

To keep your belongings safe and secure during transportation, removalists will generally have protective materials on hand to cover mattresses, mirrors, televisions and other large pieces of furniture.

As removalists tend to charge by the hour, you want to make sure they can do their job as quickly as possible. You can speed the process up by covering your dining tables, beds and other large furnishings in protective, plastic covers that have been designed to fit specific types of furniture.

What’s more, the protective packing materials used by removalists are often dirty and dusty. By using your own, clean covers, you’ll be able to avoid cleaning and dusting all your furniture once it arrives at the new place.

For smaller items, you can use bubble wrap and bulk butchers’ paper for protection. Butchers paper is far better than newspaper, which can sometimes transfer its print onto the item its protecting. Still not feeling confident about the move? For other moving tips for protecting your belongings read our storage tips. 

younge couple packing up home to move in together

Prepare For The Day After Your Move

During the process of moving to a new house, it’s very easy to have tunnel vision and become solely focussed on the day of the move itself. It’s important not to forget about the night of the move and the day that follows.

Moving days are always exhausting, and after a long and tiring day, you don’t want to have to search for essential items. Make sure you pack yourself an overnight bag with pyjamas, a toothbrush, fresh clothes for the next day and other basic comforts.

In the morning, you probably won’t feel like cooking or doing the grocery shopping. Order your groceries in advance and arrange delivery for the day after your move to ensure you have meals and supplies ready to go. Plus, there’s always UberEats or MenuLog for the night of the move!

Make your house move as straightforward as possible. Get all the packing materials you could ever need from Ezi Storage. Shop online with next day delivery or come and visit our warehouse in Osborne Park.