Small Business Storage Solutions

Using a storage unit is not just for house hold goods, business can utilise the ease of self storage with many benefits.

If you are just starting out and need some room for your stock, but no requirement for a retail frontage, or office space, a storage unit is a great solution.  No need for staff, you can come and go as you need, seven days a week and the costs are far lower than a commercial rental property. We even have 24/7 security and insurance comes with every unit. We help in taking the stress out many of the hurdles faced in your first few months, or even years of operating.

Opportunity awaits in your storage unit!

We have clients that are the Perth branch of an Australia wide company that run their business here totally from their storage unit.  A major advantage of Osborne Park Ezi Storage units,  you don’t get wet or to hot being out in the weather when loading or unloading, as our units are inside a warehouse. You also get the additional benefit of a central location, surrounded by a business precinct.

Coming up to Christmas you have new displays, but the stands will require storage until next year. Does storing them takes up too much space in your shop, or you just need to change the displays throughout the year? Storage units are a great idea to keep the displays clean and safe from damage and out of the way too. Our short term storage solutions mean you are never locked in, especially over the busiest time of the year when you need that quick storage of Christmas displays or even your office Christmas tree and decorations.

Self- Storage- Business Operation

If your business is staging homes for sale, our storage units are a great place to hold your furniture, cushions, accessories etc with easy access to pop in and grab what you need for each house. No more filling your garage or spare room, everything in one place. Our small business storage solutions really are endless!

Builders, landscapers, painters all make great use of our storage units.  Building supplies, small machinery, such as concrete mixers, lawn mowers and small trailers are all easily stored in a unit.  Keeps them off your driveway or blocking up your garage at home, locked away safely in our units in a warehouse with CCTV cameras and a fully fenced facility.

One of our long standing clients is Westimber, a supplier of timber flooring. They bring up their timber from down south and store it in our units, where is it is kept dry, safe and easy to access for their delivery trucks.

Whatever your business requires, Osborne Park Ezi Storage will have a solution, in a safe, easy accessible storage unit, inside a warehouse for extra weather protection.