Unexpected Ways to Use a Self-Storage Unit

There will always be certain life situations that will naturally lead you to look into self-storage options. If you’re living in temporary accommodation while waiting to move into your new home, it makes sense to keep excess items in short term storage and only keep the essentials with you. Or, if you’re travelling abroad for an extended period of time, you may need a secure storage solution to ensure your valuable belongings remain safe for the time you’re away such as single item storage. 

In each of these circumstances, hiring self-storage space is a logical choice, but there are many other creative ways to use a storage unit that you may not have thought of before. Here are 5 unexpected ways to turn your storage unit into a fun and practical space that could spark some joy in your life.

#1 Side Hustle Space

Do you run a small business offering in your spare time? You could use a large or small self-storage unit as a working area or to hold your inventory.

No matter whether you specialise in woodworking, painting or other artistic crafts, you could use your storage unit as a workshop, providing you with a permanent space with your ideal set up. It could be the perfect solution if you have a small home or a lack of room to undertake your side hustle activities.

For e-commerce businesses on-selling products, you could keep all of your stock in storage to keep it from piling up around your home and taking up precious space.

#2 Music Practice Studio

 When you love to jam with your friends, it can be tricky to find somewhere to store all of your instruments and a location to practice together.

A storage unit could be the answer. It offers a secure place where you can leave bulky and expensive equipment, including drum kits, keyboards, amps and more. Plus, if you get a large self-storage unit, you can use it as an affordable rehearsal space where you won’t have to worry about disturbing any family members or neighbours.

#3 Christmas Deco Storage

If you like to go all-out on your Christmas decorations, then you know what it’s like to try and find space to store your tree, lights, outdoor displays and more for the other 11 months of the year.

With a self-storage unit, you’ll be able to keep your Christmas decorations out of your home when not needed and ensure they remain in good condition during the off season.

 #4 Wine Cellar

 For many, the concept of having a wine collection large enough to require additional storage is a dream come true. If you enjoy a good wine, you may have been putting off building up your collection due to limited space at home. By hiring a small self-storage unit, you could start to make your very own wine cellar a reality.

#5 Personal Gym

Even those with an interest in health and fitness can be put off by the idea of going to the gym. From the cost of the membership to a lack of comfort in exercising in a communal area, it’s easy to see why many would prefer to workout at home. The only issue is finding the room to set up treadmills, weights, bikes and more.

Once again, a storage unit could be the perfect space to create a personal gym. It allows room for your equipment and also provides a private area where you can exercise undisturbed. You could even find the ongoing cost is less than your gym subscription.

Considering Self-Storage?

Self-storage offers endless opportunities to store items and undertake activities that you ordinarily could not do at home. If you’re looking for a storage unit in Perth, contact the experts at Ezi Storage today.