How to pack your storage unit efficiently

  • It’s a great idea to plan your storage space before you start.
  • Allow for walkways BEFORE you start creating those box mountains.
  • Place larger, heavier goods at the back then work forwards and upwards with the lighter and more fragile items.
  • Always keep the items you’re going to need frequently in an easily accessible place near the front.
  • Play it even when stacking cartons by trying to stack them in an even and balanced manner.
  • Pack in professional storage cartons and boxes to make storing and unpacking easier and safer. This will also help to maintain the condition of your goods.
  • Labelling your boxes with content details tells thieves exactly what to steal. A better alternative is to make a list of the items and number the boxes accordingly. You can file a copy with Ezi Storage.
  • For furniture items that are difficult to disassemble store them upside down to maximize space.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects near upholstered furniture.

Make sure to visit our page on storage tips for more expert storage advice.

If you are unsure about what you can and cannot store in your unit, read our blog written for storage first timers which answers all the common storage questions you might have.

Are you moving house and need to use our storage units for furniture storage? Well, if there is anything we have learned from our storage tenants to date, it is the must do’s! Make sure you to follow our below moving tips before moving house and into a self storage unit.

  • Inform the power company that you’re moving in advance. Don’t spend your first night in your new home without power.
  • Have your mail forwarded to your new address at the Post Office. The same goes for the gas.
  • House Keys – arrange for collection of keys for your new home, have spares cut if needed and return old keys.
  • As the internet is such huge part of our lives it helps to make sure you have arranged your new phone and internet connection in advance.
  • Sleep easy in your new place by arranging a cover note on your new premises or transferring your insurance to your new address.
  • Make sure your vehicle license and registration are up to date by notifying the Department of Transport of your new address.
  • Do you have your milk delivered? What about the newspapers? If so, let them know you’re moving.
  • Some services you’ll need to notify of your change of address include: – Water – Council – Electoral – Insurances – Banks – Health Fund – Doctor – Dentist – Club Memberships.
  • Throw a ‘thank you’ BBQ for all your mates that helped you move.
We have a range of packing and moving materials to help, visit us or call on 1300 730 306 to order your boxes and get moving.