Packing efficiency

How to pack for your self storage unit.

  • It’s a great idea to plan your storage space before you start.
  • Allow for walkways BEFORE you start creating those box mountains.
  • Place larger, heavier goods at the back then work forwards and upwards with the lighter and more fragile items.
  • Always keep the items you’re going to need frequently in an easily accessible place near the front.
  • Play it even stevens when stacking cartons by trying to stack them in an even and balanced manner.
  • Pack in professional storage cartons and boxes to make storing and unpacking easier and safer. This will also help to maintain the condition of your goods.
  • Labeling your boxes with content details tells thieves exactly what to steal. A better alternative is to make a list of the items and number the boxes accordingly. You can file a copy with Ezi Storage.
  • For furniture items that are difficult to disassemble store them upside down to maximize space.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects near upholstered furniture.
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