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Moving to a new house? Going on an extended holiday? Keep your furniture secure and protected with Ezi Storage. Our fully indoor facility offers the ideal conditions for storing furniture in the long and short term. Plus, with one of the largest ranges of self-storage units in Perth, we’re bound to have a storage solution that will suit your needs. Contact Ezi Storage today!

Why Choose Ezi Storage?

Unlike other self-storage facilities, all our furniture storage units are located inside a fully enclosed warehouse. As our storage units are not exposed to the outdoors, we are able to ensure your furniture is not impacted by the elements. Your belongings will be completely sheltered from weather conditions, while the effects of dust and humidity will be significantly reduced.

With Ezi Storage, your furniture will also be safe from theft and vandalism. Our state-of-the-art storage facility is under 24/7 surveillance and remains locked behind a secure gate outside of opening hours. To cover all bases and provide full peace of mind, we also offer $5,000 insurance with every storage unit for no additional cost. Available on flexible contracts our furniture storage units are maximum value for storage space and money.

Furniture Storage Types

We offer more than 240 self-storage units in 15 different sizes. From your favourite armchair to the tea set that has been in the family for generations, you can store almost any household item in our facilities, including:

  • Bed frames & mattresses
  • Wardrobes & cupboards
  • Sofas & couches
  • Dining tables & chairs
  • Coffee tables, side tables & tall boys
  • Home office furniture & electronic devices
  • Electrical appliances & white goods
  • Rugs, lamps & other home décor items

To assist you with the process of storing your items, we offer a comprehensive range of packing materials. Our various packing boxes, vacuum seal packs, protective covers and cushioning materials will preserve your belongings, while maximising the available space in your furniture storage unit.

Whether you require packing materials for your self-storage unit or a household move, every item in our range can be purchased at either our Osborne Park storage facility or via our online store. All online orders have a one-day turnaround.

To maximise the space in your storage unit read our guide on how to pack your storage unit efficiently.

Self-Storage Unit Size Guide

You may need to store a single item with us or enough furniture to fill every room of a four-bedroom home. Either way, we have a self-storage unit that will be perfect for your needs! To help you get the right amount of storage space for your requirements, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide on how to use some of our most popular furniture storage units. If you would like further recommendations, you can always chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff or use our storage space calculator tool.

Small Furniture Storage Unit

2m x 1.5m unit

2m x 1.5m unit

Our smallest unit offers 3m2 of storage space and is suitable for a few packing boxes, a couple of suitcases and/or a series of small furniture items, such as a bedside or coffee table. To put it into perspective, this unit is approximately the size of a large walk in wardrobe.

Mid-Sized Furniture Storage Unit

2m x 2.5m unit

2m x 2.5m unit

At roughly half the size of a bedroom, our mid-range self-storage unit offers 5m2 of space. You could fit a spare mattress, a chest of drawers and other small furniture and home décor items into this unit size.

Large Furniture Storage Unit

6m x 3m unit

6m x 3m unit

Our largest furniture storage unit is equivalent to an extra-wide single car garage. With 18 m2 of available space, you could store a range of bulky furniture items, including bedframes, couches and dining room sets.

Furniture Storage Solutions

There could be many reasons why you need to put your furniture into storage. If you’ve decided to take off around Australia in a caravan for a year, you’ll need a safe place to keep all of your belongings. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a temporary housing situation while you’re waiting to move into a new place, you’ll need to keep your furniture in a self-storage unit.

Furniture storage solutions can also assist during home renovations by creating more space for tradesmen to move around and complete their work. What’s more, it will also safeguard your furniture from potential accidents during construction. The last thing you want is for paint to be spilled or for items to be knocked and chipped.

Contact Ezi Storage Today

Ezi Storage are here to help with all your furniture storage needs. Located just off the Hutton Street exit of the Mitchell Freeway in Osborne Park, we are easily accessible from the north and south of Perth. Call us or enquire online today!

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Office hours 9 – 5 Monday to Thursday, 9 – 4.30 Friday and 9 – 3 Saturday.  Facility is open 6am – 7pm, 7 days

Storage units are inside a warehouse, there is CCTV cameras inside and outside the warehouse and the facility is fully fenced with one entrance PIN entry only.

We have baits situated at various points throughout the facility, 3 monthly service for Ants/Cockroaches/Rodents and 6 monthly mist spray for Spiders

They are inside a warehouse, which protects them from rain and direct heat.

One month.

We offer $5000 free insurance, with further coverage available for $1 per $1000 insured, per month.