Small Business Storage Solutions

Declutter your workplace and free up much needed space with Ezi Storage. We offer more than 240 commercial storage units in 15 different sizes to cater to a wide range of requirements. Open 7 days a week in Osborne Park, we can provide your business with the perfect storage solution at a highly competitive price.

Secure Commercial Storage

No matter whether you need to store excess business stock, important documents or promotional items, you can rest assured that anything you store with us will be completely safe. Our business storage facility is kept under 24/7 surveillance via a state-of-the-art security system and remains locked behind a secure gate outside of opening hours. What’s more, in the highly unlikely event of an incident taking place, we provide free $5,000 insurance coverage with all commercial storage units.

Business Storage Unit Types

Our facility has the capacity to accommodate for all your commercial storage needs. We offer short term and long-term storage options, with the flexibility to alter unit sizes as needed.

If your business is downsizing or you’re running out of space in the office due to growth, you can store all your unused furniture and electronics with us, including:

  • Boardroom tables & chairs
  • Work desks & chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Partitions
  • Point of sale displays
  • Signage & promotional items
  • Computers, white goods & other electronic devices

Alternatively, if you have overflowing inventory or seasonal stock that needs to be kept out of the way for periods of time, you can store it with us.

We generally recommend the following storage unit sizes for commercial purposes:

3m x 3m unit

3m x 3m unit

With 9m2 of available space, this storage unit is equivalent to the size of a small bedroom. Ideal for storing small furniture and business stock.

6m x 3m unit

6m x 3m unit

Roughly the size of an extra wide single garage, this storage unit provides double the amount of space of the latter unit, with 18m2 of usable space. In addition to larger furniture and inventory, this storage unit can also fit a commercial vehicle if required.

If you’re unsure which business storage unit size will best suit your purposes, you can always use our storage space calculator tool to gain an indication of how much space you need. For further assistance, you can always contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for commercial storage recommendations.

Document Storage

Nowadays, most businesses store important documents in digital file formats, but it was not that long ago that we had to rely on hard copies. The process of converting printed documents into soft copies is a time-consuming task that your business may not have the resources to complete. If you’re unable to digitize your files, then your only option is to put archived records into boxes that will quickly take up a lot of valuable space in the office.

By keeping your documents in storage with us, you’ll be able to keep you records safe and maximise your office space. Our fully enclosed, indoor storage facility offers the ideal conditions for document storage. In one of our business storage units, your documents will be safeguarded from weather conditions, with the impact of temperature and humidity being significantly reduced. Plus, the effects of dust will also be minimized, ensuring your documents are preserved.

Enquire Now With Ezi Storage

Ezi Storage are here to help with all your business storage needs, with a commitment to providing convenient and flexible storage solutions. To arrange your commercial storage unit, contact Ezi Storage today.