Is it time for me to start looking at getting a storage unit?

Have the kids moved out and you are forced to keep the spare bedroom door shut to hide everything they left behind?

They moved into shared accommodation and you get the argument, “You know I can’t take it all Mum, I only get one room for my stuff.” Their assignments from school are really quite good and you can’t throw them out, all the photo albums, board games, Halloween outfits, skate boards, bicycles. The list is endless, but the room to store it isn’t.  Self storage is a great alternative for the short term, until your children get their own place.

Or maybe you can’t bear to part with those toys that bring back memories, just hold onto them for the grandkids?  There are Kindy paintings that are far too good to throw out and books that you read to them every night. You want to hold onto their first outfits, so they can put their children into them.  But…. Where to keep all these precious items without filling all your spare rooms?  The answer is self-storage, your own accessible unit that you can visit whenever you feel the need for nostalgia.

Storage Solutions

Our storage is close to Perth, located in Osborne Park and is the perfect solution for all storage requirements. Furniture storage for cots, play pens, high chairs.  Single item storage for ride on cars, shell pools and sand pits. We have small storage units that will fit all the awkward baby and toddler necessities with room for boxes of books, toys etc.

I’m sure you have heard of decluttering when you put your house up for sale, but why not declutter even if you are not selling?  We all accumulate things over the years, souvenirs from travelling, handmade gifts from children and grandchildren.  How about the garage? Surf boards, dog kennels, tools you haven’t used in years? Self storage is so easy to use, you can come and go with only a PIN and padlock key, our units are inside a warehouse to keep you out of the sun or rain and your house is clutter free, easier to clean and you can enjoy the space.

Short or long term storage? The choice is yours…

Just imagine having the family coming to stay and you have spare guest rooms for them.  Or that BBQ that went into the early hours of the morning, now you have spare beds to offer.  Self storage units are a handy solution for short or long term storage.  You can clear out your house of items you don’t need, but don’t want to throw away.